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We know that it is important to make good health choices by using trustworthy healthcare information from verified online sources. Our team of healthcare writers have experience in a variety of specialties that are important for treating and understanding Costochondritis. Our writers regularly review and fact-check the articles on this website to make sure the information is accurate, understandable, sourced and verified, and backed by scientific research.

Please note, it is important to speak to your own personal healthcare provider or physician if you have any questions about your condition – do not use the information on this website to self-treat or diagnose your condition.

Several of our team members are active physicians and surgeons, working at some of the largest and most well-respected facilities and universities in their respective countries. They work hard to provide treatment and advice to their patients every day. You can read more about our team below.

<a href="" class="rank-math-link">Dr. Ahmed Zayed</a>

Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Al Bank Al Ahly Hospital

Dr. Zayed is a resident currently practicing in plastic surgery, as well as completing his masters degree. He has a passion for writing and helping people live healthy lives.

<a href="" class="rank-math-link">Dr. Andres David Velasquez</a>

Dr. Andres David Velasquez

Hospital Universitario de Barcelona

Dr. Velasquez is a graduate of the Universidad de Oriente and is part of the teaching faculty at a hospital in Barcelona, Venezuela. He is passionate about music and medical writing.

<a href="" class="rank-math-link">Dr. Anique Ali</a>

Dr. Anique Ali

Nishtar Medical University

Dr. Ali is a graduate and physician at Nishtar Medical University, one of the most respected hospitals in Pakistan. He has a passion for travel, creative writing, and helping his patients.

<a href="" class="rank-math-link">Dr. Adil</a>

Dr. Adil

Jinnah Hospital, Lahore

Dr. Adil studied at the Royal Hospital of Physicians in the United Kingdom and has since become a medical writer and researcher. He has experience in a variety of medical topics.


Our team also includes several writers with expertise in nutrition, diet, exercise, yoga, psychology, mental health and more.

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