Hot and Cold Therapy for Costochondritis

fire and ice

Costochondritis is a condition that results in pain and inflammation in the chest area. It affects the breastbone in the ribs, which is the long bone in the middle that keeps the ribs together, often referred to as the sternum. Usually, the pain will disappear on its own, however, it can last for a long … Read more Hot and Cold Therapy for Costochondritis

TENS Therapy for Costochondritis

TENS therapy on man's chest

What is TENS Therapy? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly referred to as TENS, is a form of therapy that relies on electric currents with low voltage for temporary pain relief. It has been around for decades, and it is now highly recommended for chronic pain. Patients will use a small device powered by batteries, called the TENS … Read more TENS Therapy for Costochondritis

Stretches for Costochondritis

stretching for costochondritis

Costochondritis is a painful inflammation that occurs in the chest, where the ribs meet the sternum. The pain can typically persist for weeks to months, but can last longer for some people. Costochondritis can be treated in a number of ways, including pain medication, natural remedies, physical therapy, and more. Costochondritis can also be treated … Read more Stretches for Costochondritis

Treating Costochondritis with the Backpod


In this article, we’ll explore how a novel device from New Zealand called the “Backpod” might help treat your Costochondritis. Though the Backpod is primarily used on the back, the back is connected to the chest through the ribs, and the device can work on the areas that are connected to the chest. If you … Read more Treating Costochondritis with the Backpod