Chest Pain, Anxiety, and Costochondritis

costochondritis caused by anxiety

Experiencing any kind of pain in your chest area can be downright terrifying. Many people automatically assume it to be a heart-related issue but in reality, chest pain can have many interpretations other than being related to the heart. Many other conditions such as costochondritis (inflammation in the area connecting the sternum to the rib … Read more Chest Pain, Anxiety, and Costochondritis

Costochondritis: An Easily Mistaken Condition

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Costochondritis is a common type of inflammation that affects the cartilaginous region of the ribs. This costochondral junction, as it is also known, is fundamental to maintain the stability of the rib cage. Although in most cases the origin is unknown, some causes that have been related to this pathology are thoracic traumas, exaggerated physical exertion, some viral or … Read more Costochondritis: An Easily Mistaken Condition

Diagnosing Costochondritis

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Costochondritis is typically diagnosed by ruling out other conditions, and there is no specific laboratory or imaging test that can diagnose the condition. We’ll talk about the process for diagnosing costochondritis in this article, including typical symptoms and characteristics of the condition, other conditions that should be ruled out, as well as what tests or … Read more Diagnosing Costochondritis

Should I see a doctor for chest pain?

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Short answer: Yes, you probably should. It can be anxiety inducing to know that many conditions cause chest pain, including life-threatening problems like heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms. While it is important to see a physician to determine the cause of your chest pains, you should absolutely see a doctor (or even visit the emergency … Read more Should I see a doctor for chest pain?