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We were inspired to start this website after my fiancé began experiencing this frustrating and painful condition. After many hours of research and discussions with several physicians, we were able to learn more about treatment options and ways to ease costochondritis symptoms and provide comfort for the chest pain.

Costochondritis can be a scary, anxiety-inducing condition (due to the associated chest pain) and sometimes feels like it can interfere with your life. Doctors are often unaware of potential treatments for this painful condition, and are more happy to test and confirm that you don’t have any potential heart conditions while ushering you out the door and advising you that the condition will “go away soon”. While that may be true, some have reported experiencing costochondritis symptoms for years.

That aside, have hope – there are many potential solutions and treatments we hope to detail on this blog while creating a centralized location for research, resources, and information about Costochondritis and similar conditions like Tietze Syndrome.

We have worked with a team of professional medical writers to create and curate the content on this website. Our team includes a number of active doctors and surgeons as well as experts in mental health, nutrition, exercise, and wellness. You can read more about our Writing Team here.

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